Everyday Designer is a website design and development blog aiming to provide insight, opinions and experiences from everyday people from the industry at very different stages of their careers. The articles featured on this website are all guest posts and Everyday Designer relies on the contributions of individuals within the industry to keep the site going.


The majority of web design and development blogs want contributors with writing experience, having had several years on the circuit, likely to have been or aim to be an event speaker and individuals whose names are generally recognisable.

Everyday Designer is different, the aim of this site is to give everyone, regardless of age, expertise, gender or location the chance to write about their experiences and opinions on anything to do with the web design and development industry.

Your opinions are no less important just because you’re not a “superstar” or “ninja” freelancer or happen to have a low(er) number of followers on Twitter.


Everyday Designer was created by Bobby Anderson, a Scottish website and user interface designer.

The site is now maintained and occasionally contributed to by Callum Hopkins

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