Common Web Design Problems & Their Solutions

Web designing may seem to be a colorful and fascinating task. But if you are designing your own site, you will come across several problems which are part of the process. So what are these issues and how to troubleshoot them and get around.

Legibility Issues

Readability is crucial to the success of your website. You may have a great interface and design layout, but eventually your visitors come for information and not for the graphics. Avoid using odd font sizes and styles. Reading text should not be a pain for your visitors.

It is important that the font contrasts well with the background. Check a number of popular sites and notice how they have used the right color contrasts. It is recommended to always use Sans Serif font, as it enables easier reading.

Poor Navigation

This is another common problem faced during the web designing process. You are highly likely to add so many design elements and make your site so sophisticated that it can become difficult for your visitors to find their way around. Make sure that the navigation on different web pages should be consistent, natural and seamless.

A good way to create smoother navigation is to use textual descriptions of the links. Make sure that all the images have alt text and alt text description methods are used for all JavaScript links. You should also structure your site’s navigation according to its theme.


Disorganised Content

The way the content is structured on your site will determine user experience on your pages. Most visitors will scan through the key points on the web pages that interest them. Many times large blocks of text are added to the web pages to provide the desired information. This is a common mistake because most visitors don’t read through them.

Make sure that the content on your web pages is well organised. Each page must have a title, headings, sub-headings, paragraphs and bullets. Make sure that all incorrect, inaccurate and outdated content is replaced. Each web page will be for a different product or topic. Make sure no content is repeated across the site.

A good way to work around this problem is to structure your content using CSS and HTML when developing the web design. Make sure there is lots of whitespace between the textual content and the images. You can use margins to create this space around the images.

Also make sure that you have schedule for checking and updating content on a regular basis. The goal behind updating the content is much more than finding errors and correcting them. There is always a chance that some content will become obsolete and needs to be replaced.

So follow these strategies when you face different types of issues when designing your site.

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