The ultimate list of event management WP plugins for 2016

Throwing an event is usually all about spreading the word. With this in mind, the attendance is nearly as important as the organisation of the event itself. In order to make sure that your event is well attended, it will have to have a proper website. Now, in order for your website to perform this duty admirably, it has to be adequately equipped. We are naturally talking about having all the essential event management plugins for WordPress (WP). Here are some of them with a large role to play in 2016.

1. Event-Specific Content Management

First thing your website will most definitely need is an event-specific content manager. This will allow you to create and manage custom post types and in this way have a direct insight on all that is taking place on your site. Your two safest choices here are Custom Post Type Maker and Custom Post Type UI. Going with any of these two software will be a decision that you definitely won’t regret.

2. Calendar

More often than not, you will have various applications and variables to sync with your website. Luckily, the niche of calendar plugins for WP is really well-developed and as such presents one with numerous options. Still, VR Calendar Sync Pro and Responsive Timetable for WordPress set themselves apart with their incredible user-friendly and responsive layout.

3. Speaker Information Management

If your event has multiple speakers, displaying their information can be easily done by using the same plugins you would normally use for displaying author biographies on your blog. With a proper tool, this can be quite simple thing indeed. According to user reviews, you cannot go wrong with either Effective Bio Boxes or Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup.

4. Venue information

Venue information and location are especially useful, especially in this day and age when people use all sorts of maps and location services. If you’re looking for a plugin that encompasses all previously mentioned features, including the venue management, you’re definitely looking for Event Organiser. This plugin enables you to create and maintain events, including complex recurring patterns, venue management (with Google maps), calendars and customisable event lists.

5. Management of Attendee Registrations

The most important thing however is the management of event registrations. Your safest choice here would be to install a reliable third-party software in the form of Tickera WordPress event ticketing sales plugin. This way, you will have a direct control over tickets distribution which is in no way a small deal. Budget-wise as well, it is always better to install a third-party software than be forced to include an actual third-party.

6. Image Gallery

Is there a better way to attract guests to your next event than showing them what they missed the last time they weren’t there? Probably not. That is why you definitely need an image gallery plugin. Photos and videos are a great way to create viral and sharable content that can attract people to come to your next event and relive the experience they enjoyed when they attended it.

7. Payment Gateways

When it comes to popular and reliable payment gateways Sprout Invoices – Client Invoicing & Estimates is simply second to none. Once the word is about finances, reliability becomes a key issue and here reputation is everything. This is why you always go with the choice backed up by the largest number of satisfied users.

8. Attendee Interaction

Another great way to create hype around your event is by provoking visitors to interact with the online community. Presence on social media networks is a must, but having a shoutbox plugin on your WordPress site is also a nice way to increase visitor interaction. If you’re worried about somebody exploiting this opportunity to post spam content, there are also some plugins that integrate very well with Akismet, and allow easy moderation.

9. Notification Management

Speaking about overall performance of your website, having a good notification management plugin is an absolute must. With this in mind going for Subscribe to Comments Reloaded or even WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress might be a smart move. Not only do these two plugins enable you to keep track of all the incoming messages and notifications but also to suspend notifications from posts you are no longer interested in.

10. All-in-one

Last but not least, there are always options of installing a standalone event management plugin. If you’re looking for performance rather than customisation, Events Manager is probably your weapon of choice. Implemented with almost all aforementioned functionalities, this plugin is as close you will get to an optimised one-stop-shop for event management needs.

Regardless of what line of work you are in, having adequate tools of the trade is what can make you or break you. In the 21st century, your most important tool is your website and its performance heavily depends on the appropriate choice of WP plugins. Because of this, you cannot afford to go for anything but the best.

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