10 Websites to Inspire Your Designs

Every designer, no matter what age, experience or background they come from, whether it be a newbie web designer starting up or a design veteran, has at one point in their career taken inspiration from others work or their own previous work. It is a requirement of good design, as to be able to create something that pleases a user, you not only have to be a good designer and be up to date but also produce designs that are in some way familiar to the user, allowing them to remember and interact with the design without frustration.

In short, inspiration is required to give that little extra spark to fuel our ideas into fruition, however with the web being so big and inspiration being absolutely everywhere, it can be a problem to find inspiration tailored to your needs.

Where can I find inspiration? It is all across the web; however fortunately, you do not have to trawl through the entire web to find websites that are inspiration worthy; there are quite a number of web applications that do that for us already!

In the list below I have collected 10 new, established and popular web applications for web design inspiration. Just keep reading and take a look for yourself; sit back, relax and be inspired!

#1. Awwwards


This website is by far one of the most popular out there, mostly due to the fact that it is affiliated with Microsoft. Its popularity however, is also due to its stylish UI and the great user experience it provides but as with anything, it has its downsides. It focuses more on giving awards (as hinted at by its name) than providing website inspiration, and it lacks the large range of websites provided by other web applications.

Visit Awwwards

#2. Inspirizone


This web application, although only newly launched has seen a boost in popularity in recent weeks, and personally, I can see why. It’s focus on pure web design inspiration and functionality gives the user the best UX they could ask for, allowing them to collect their favorite websites, whilst the content, updated daily and easily filterable only reinforces this impression. This app also allows for multiple tag and category filtering simultaneously, making it my favorite for searching for specific inspiration, although it is lacking the range of inspirational websites others have due to its age.

Visit Inspirizone



Beauty and simplicity is what this web app provides, with its content not only inspiring designers but the actual site itself offering some food for thought on design. Its simplicity however does unfortunately run through to its meagre filtering system, allowing only one tag or category to be viewed at a time.

Visit Httpster

#4 One Page Love

One Page Love

One Page Love is one of my favorite tools when looking for inspiration, not because of its overly playful and friendly UI, but thanks to the sheer quality of the content it provides with each One Page website, offering up a full page screenshot for each individual website. This saves time and the hassle of having to visit the actual website. Drawbacks include that it only covers the one paged website niche and again can only filter one category at a time.

Visit One Page Love


Site Inspire

Save for the annoyance that you have to sign in to submit and collect websites, Siteinspire is most definitely my favorite of all the web applications in this showcase. This is due to the sheer ease of which you can filter and browse through websites, which is found in no other web application and the fact that all websites are submitted by respected agencies, thus only quality inspiration is displayed.

Visit SiteInspire



Apart from the highly addictive minimalism this website offers and the fancy category drop down, I feel it lacks the environment of the above web apps, perhaps due to its lack of information on the websites, dark theme that engulfs each image or the inability to view the website image in a larger size. It does however, provide an uncluttered space for browsing through vast amounts of inspiration.




The title of the website says it all really! This web app’s barebones design and content (only minimalist websites) fit into its logo and description perfectly. Although inspiration for minimalist website is a limited niche, it does have high quality websites within, thus why it has made its way onto the list.

Visit Siimple

#8 The Best Designs

The Best Designs

This website is by far the longest running on the block, with a legacy lasting 14 years to date (founded in 2001). Despite this, it’s curator still updates it with modern and new content and it is a great resource for finding designers and agencies for upcoming projects by using it’s ‘Designer Directory’ feature.

Visit The Best Designs

#9 Best Website Gallery

Best Website Gallery

Best Website Gallery is evidently a big player on the block of web design inspiration, standing above the rest with its wacky design (to say the least) and . Much alike to One Page Love it features large screenshots of websites but again only allows filtering by 1 tag (or category) at a time and it’s onhover links and spinny ‘go to’ buttons personally get on my nerves. Not to mention the lack of content, with only 1 website posted a week.

Visit Best Website Gallery

#10 Admire the Web

Admire the Web

Admire the Web is one of the most cluttered of the above selection, potentially due to the overly used share buttons, or the tacky pattern used at every given opportunity. Despite its look and overall feel, well defined categories and tags allow for an easy browsing experience, although limited to one at a time like many of the previous apps.

Visit Admire The Web

Have I missed out any of your favorite web design galleries? If so feel free to tell me in the comments below.

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