Giving Back with Creative Beeston

A side project that is helping everyone.

I love where I live. The people, the businesses and the pubs are all amazing but sadly little Beeston in Nottingham is going through a very tough time.

We all know about the economic downturn, it’s affected everyone but since 2013 Beeston have been smack bang in the middle of a 2nd phase tram line into Nottingham’s city centre ripping Beeston in two. This has brought chaos to our little town with random one way systems, road and shop closures leading to a depressing town square with empty and demolished units. Everyone is marking down the days in their calendars as it won’t be complete until late 2015 and sadly some local businesses won’t be around to see.

So, you’re seeing your lovely town slowly slip away what would you do? Help in any way you can, a creative way.

I wanted to help and give back to the community that has welcomed me so warmly but as there are so many people and businesses to help I wanted to try and find a way to include everyone this is how Creative Beeston was born.

The two main goals of Creative Beeston is to help build on Beeston and turn it into a creative hub where people can come far and wide to come for meetups, discussions and help each other. Want to create a network without the stress and awkwardness of having business card dances with as many people as possible. People can come, relax, hear what others are doing and see if any can contribute to projects or ideas.

We are right in the middle between Nottingham and Derby and only 2 hours away from London on the train. Travel and parking is cheap so we are a perfect area to come to making us more attractive than your big, congested city centres. We also have 4G making our mobile infrastructure to be ahead of some major cities.

Secondly we want the local businesses to seize upon this great pool of talent to help promote their business. Ever walked past an empty shop with a poorly designed (comic sans even) sign on the door promoting 50% off? It is not doing anyone any good. Why not talk to a local designer who can showcase their talent on the sign helping them and the business to fully promote and sell themselves. It may be just a simple sign but you would be amazed how much beautifully, locally designed promotional material can help.

Creative Beeston has web designers, writers, photographers, film makers, painters, artists and musicians to name a few only a few streets away from each other. Creative Beeston will help to bring everyone together to help one another.

“There are a lot of creative people in and around Beeston wanting to connect and help drive this town forward.”

Do we want people to use the tram to move away from Beeston? No, we want people to come to Beeston to enjoy everything we have to offer including being a hub for creative talent.

We are currently building up ready for the big launch in the new year. We have a host of events planned for meetups, hackathons and even festivals lined up for 2014 and we cannot wait to tell you all about it.

Keep your eye on where we will be posting everything that is going on and hopfully coming back to Everyday Designer with an update on how everything is going.

James Hall

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